Farmhouse Style: My Favorite Nooks

Decorating is one of my favorite things to do. I love to spend time giving life to an empty corner or room. Sometimes, time doesn’t allow me to redo a big space since I have two little ones to care for. It literally would take me weeks! Each week, I try to give myself a goal to finish a certain spot in my house that I’ve been eyeing for a while and craving to give color and character. It may not seem meaningful or have a purpose, but it is important to me and I enjoy doing it. At the end of the week, on Sundays, when we’ve worked all weekend getting things done, I like to relax at the end of the day and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

PicMonkey Collage For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on little spots here and there in the house. When we moved in almost a year ago, our second baby was born a week later so that didn’t allow much time to get things exactly how I had envisioned. We still have blank walls and no rugs in certain areas, but I know filling a house takes time and we’ve been enjoying the process.

The first spot I want to show you is in our bedroom. My dad had an old sewing table that was my great-grandmother’s stored in his shed for a few years. I knew I wanted it, but at the time we didn’t have the space to put it. Our first house was tiny! When I got the chance to redo it, it was terrible. It was so dirty from being stored, it needed a thorough cleaning. Also, the finish on it was not in good shape, so I decided to paint it. I did strip off the old stain from the top and re-stained it. I love the way it turned out! The table also still had the original sewing machine in it. I don’t plan on trying to use it, so I wasn’t worried about fixing it other than cleaning it up.





Another spot in our room I love is next to the other window in the room. When we built the house, every room got one window except ours. Our room has two windows looking into the backyard and the pasture. It’s a great view and I love opening the curtains to let in light.

<Sources> Curtains: Handmade with Art Gallery Fabrics Buck Forest Night in Canvas, “Love One Another Frame”: Hobby Lobby, Small frame & Antler Frame: Build-A-Cross,  Nightstand, Basket, Pillow: Walmart, Lamp: Target

My husband’s grandparents gave us a pair of old school desks. His grandmother knows I love old things, so she was excited to see what I would do with it. This area is next to our bed. I got the matching nightstands and lamps as Christmas presents. The “Love One Another” frame is from Hobby Lobby, and the other two frames are from the ministry we work for, Build-A-Cross. You can order the antler frame here and the 4 X 6 frame here! I filled the lamp with some of my favorite treasures – old sewing thread I found at a thrift shop.


Another area I love is in our dining room. A friend of mine gave me an old galvanized chicken coop that I’ve been wanting forever!


<Sources> Red cub shelf: Hobby Lobby, Chicken framed art & Pig “EAT” sign: Paul Michael & Co., Pig place card holder: Magnolia Market, Butter dish, cow creamer, chicken coffee cup: Walmart, Mason jar drying rack: World Market  



DSC_0935DSC_0940DSC_0946DSC_0949I always knew I wanted some kind of open shelving in my kitchen even before we started building. I love to collect colorful dishes and jars. Displaying them along with my cookbooks makes me smile when I can look at them everyday 🙂

I like to shop for most of my dishes at World Market, Target, and Walmart. The new Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart is so lovely!

I’m still working on other little spots in the house, so check back for more later. I hope everyone is having a great week!






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