How to Make a Burp Cloth in 6 Easy Steps


A simple and inexpensive way to spoil the newest addition in the family is to make burp cloths out of a pre-folded cloth diaper. You can make several to give as a gift or keep for yourself in just one afternoon!

As a mother of two, I can assure you burp cloths are a necessity for new moms! Keep a few in the nursery and throw a couple in the diaper bag. Trust me, they will get used. Cleaning them is super easy too; just throw in the wash with baby’s other clothes.

Here’s how to make one in 6 easy steps!


Step 1: Gather your Supplies

One pack of Gerber Pre-fold Cloth diapers (they come in a pack of 10). They can be found in the baby section of your local Walmart or Target

At least 1/2 yard each of different designs of cotton fabric – You’ll have some left over

Basic sewing supplies – sewing machine, scissors, thread, pins, iron, etc. *Rotary cutter and ruler are optional, but are really convenient*

Wash, dry (on the lowest setting), and iron all your fabric and cloth diapers

Step 2: Cut your fabric strips

For each burp cloth, you’ll need to cut your fabric in strips 6″ X 21″

Step 3: Fold and press

For all four sides, fold under and press 1/2″ with your iron


Step 4: Pin fabric in place

Place fabric, folded edges down, in the center of the diaper and pin all sides

Step 5: Sew!

Using a straight stitch, sew the fabric to the diaper on all four sides. It’s best to sew as close to the edge as you can.

Step 6: Done!

Technically, this isn’t a step since you’re done, but iron the burp cloth one last time – making sure to press the folds.


All the fabric I used can be purchased in my online fabric store here!

Shown above are: I Scream, You Scream, Swifting Flora Fond, Swifting Flora Swell, and Bird of Night Mist

Happy Sewing!



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