Summer Favorite: Quick & Easy Avocado Dip


It’s that time of year! The weather is warming up, the kids are playing outside more and I’ve got my flower and garden beds planted.

One of the things I planted this year is cilantro, and I’m so excited about it!

I love to make avocado dip in the summer time, and even though it’s not summer yet, I couldn’t wait any longer when I knew my cilantro was ready.


This recipe is enough for two people to fill a small mixing bowl. Since avocado doesn’t keep fresh for long, I like to only make enough for a day or two, so none goes to waste.

*If you’re wanting to make a large amount for a party or a large amount of people, just triple the recipe*


2 avocados

1/2 tomato

1/2 onion

1 jalapeno pepper

1 lime

Bunch of cilantro (about 1/4 – 1/2 cup)

1 tsp. salt

PicMonkey Collage

With a knife, half each avocado and use a spoon to scrape out the middle. Next, use a potato masher to mash the avocado until it is mushy.

Next, add your chopped ingredients: tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, Β and cilantro.

Slice a lime and squeeze out the juice into the bowl.

Add salt and stir well!

Serve with your favorite tortilla chips – mine are the Tostitos Cantina Thin ‘N Crispy πŸ™‚




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