Baby Bedding Basics: 4 Dream Nurseries & Fabric you’ll LOVE!

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Hey Mommas, Let’s talk baby bedding!

One of the most fun things a mom plans for when expecting a baby is how to decorate the nursery. And if you’ve got a sewing machine and know just even basic sewing skills, you can make it all!

Bedding doesn’t have to be as complicated and stressful to choose from as Pinterest and Etsy make it out to be. Trust me, I know there’s a lot out there!

Check out four of my favorite nursery themes and learn simple ways on how you can create a calm and dreamy space to bring home baby. Only basic sewing skills required!


  1. Boy – Deer Woodland Nursery
Deer Woodland Nursery
Sources – (Top Left to Right): 1. Buck Forest Night Boppy cover 2. Buck Forest Twilight crib sheet 3. DIY Toy crates with casters 4. Buck Forest Mustard fabric 5. Antler Monogram (unfinished) 6. Buck Forest Mist changing pad cover 7. Buck Forest Twilight Minky blanket 8. Woodland Room decor

It’s no secret that deer heads, woodland animals and rustic elements are all the rave right now! The ever so popular Hello, Bear collection from Art Gallery Fabrics is going strong and doesn’t show any signs of the fad dying any time soon.

Bright whites, stained wood, galvanized letters, and neutral colors are just a few accents that can bring together your dream rustic nursery.

Now, let’s talk fabric:

If you’re new to sewing (or new to fabric altogether), you’re probably wondering what types of fabric you need for bedding. A lot of questions I get asked by customers through my fabric shop are, “Do I need to buy cotton, minky, flannel?”, “Is it soft enough for baby’s skin?”, “Will it fade as I wash it?”, “Is it the stiff fabric that I see in my local big-box stores?”

The majority of fabric I sell is a regular weight quilting cotton. That’s just a long, fancy word for “cotton”. You can use cotton to make almost everything you need for your baby’s bedding. Crib sheets, bumper pads and changing pad covers are made with cotton. Boppy covers and pillows are also made of cotton fabric. It doesn’t have any stretch and will not be soft enough to stand alone on baby’s skin (I’ll talk more about that later).

Cloud pillow in Art Gallery Fabrics Firefly Whisper

The cotton fabric I sell is high quality, designer fabric, and it feels AMAZING! Unlike thick, stiff material, this fabric is light, airy and so soft! It even sews great too.

When making blankets, bibs or burp cloths, you’ll need to use another type of fabric for the backing to add a little thickness and softness. I like to use minky or flannel, but you can use just about anything – cotton chenille, terry cloth, quilt batting, etc.

2. Girl – Pink & White Floral Nursery

PicMonkey Collage - Floral Nursery
Sources – (Top Left to Right): 1. Crib sheet in Art Gallery Fabrics Aquarelle Study Wash 2. Floral wall art 3. Minky baby blanket in Art Gallery Fabrics Swifting Flora Fond 4. Floral Wooden Hospital Door Decor 4. Art Gallery Fabrics Aquarelle Study Wash fabric 5. Crib sheet in Art Gallery Fabrics Wispy Daybreak Aura 6. DIY Floral Letter

Soft pinks, grays, creams and mints…oh my!

There’s nothing sweeter than wrapping a brand new baby girl in a soft blanket adorned with wildflowers. I absolutely LOVE floral prints! It’s one of my favorite prints when shopping for clothes, bags, and accessories – either for myself or my little girl.

My favorite floral fabrics that I sell are Art Gallery Fabrics Swifting Flora Fond (shown in minky blanket above), Wispy Daybreak Aura (shown in crib sheet above), and Aquarelle Study Wash (shown in crib sheet above).

PicMonkey Collage - floral

Easy elements to add to a girl’s floral nursery are white furniture, neutral wall color, wall decor, colorful rug, and unique displays of books, toys, and accessories.

Leave it out! Display all her bows and headbands in a basket or hang them up for easy access.

PicMonkey Collage - bow holders
1. Birdcage picture holder now holds bows & headbands 2. Glue spray-painted clothespins to an old piece of wood to hang headbands 3. Use a 3-tier serving tray to display bows and clips

A fun way to add a knockout focal point is create an accent wall above the crib or main wall of the room. A lot of people like to display the baby’s name in a monogram, wooden letters or their newborn pictures. I love all of these ideas and have done them myself in my kids’ rooms.

Get creative! Check out the faux floral section of your local craft store to hang stems and branches.


3. Gender Neutral – Modern Eclectic Nursery

PicMonkey Collage - gender neutral

There are some expectant parents that love the surprise and anticipation of not knowing the gender of their baby until birth. What discipline and patience that takes!

Designing a gender neutral nursery is probably a lot easier than it used to be. Now, there’s more to the typical “gray” and “yellow” elements for bedding, clothing and accessories. In addition to those colors, let’s talk more about what you can add to your baby’s room to bring in more color!

If you’ve decided not to find out your baby’s gender, chances are you aren’t “blue” or “pink” specific anyway. That makes it even easier!

Gender neutral colors include black & whites, grays, primary colors, mints and dark hues (navy, mustard, charcoal – just to name a few)

Here’s my favorite gender neutral fabrics I sell in my shop:

PicMonkey Collage - fabric
Sources: (Top Left to Right): 1. Art Gallery Fabrics Mojave Illuminated 2. Art Gallery Fabrics Buck Forest Night 3. Art Gallery Fabrics Cacti Field Fun 3. Birch Fabrics Farm Friends 4. Art Gallery Fabrics Arid Horizon 5. Cloud 9 Fabrics Fox in the Foxgloves 6. Art Gallery Fabrics Buck Forest Mint 7. Cloud 9 Fabrics Lions Tigers and Bears 8. Art Gallery Fabrics Firefly Whisper

You can add simple things now and when baby comes, go crazy with boy or girl stuff!

PicMonkey Collage - books
Book ledges from IKEA are available in two lengths. 45 inches on the left and 22 inches on the right. They are actually picture ledges, but serve perfect for children’s books. We love ours!

PicMonkey Collage-2Sources – (Left to Right): 1. Baby quilt in Arid Horizon, 2. Aztec bandana bib, 3. Hello, Bear minky blanket

Another great element to add to a gender neutral room is greenery. Potted plants will bring life to any room in my opinion, and it’s not gender specific! Just add a cute little succulent on a shelf or side table to give the room a colorful vibe and calming atmosphere. Indoor plants require low maintenance, so the upkeep is easy because we all know where your time will be spent once baby is here!

Here’s some of my favorite ways to style plants in a nursery:

PicMonkey Collage - plants

4. Girl or Boy – Mermaid/Nautical Nursery

PicMonkey Collage - nautical
Sources – (Top Left to Right): 1. Birch Fabrics nautical cotton fabric in Anchors Aweigh 2. Birch Fabrics nautical cotton fabric in Whales Sky 3. Two-toned chalkboard dresser 4. Dear Stella fabric in Squids & Octopi, Whale Species, and Swimming Turtles 5. All About Whales wall decor 6. Birch Fabrics cotton fabric in Eight Arms 7. Fishing hooks 8. Boat bookcase/toy box
PicMonkey Collage - mermaid
Sources – (Top Left to Right): 1. Mermaid pillow 2. Michael Miller seahorse fabric in Watermelon 3. Coral & Aqua nursery 4. Coral reef wool rug 5. Michael Miller seahorse fabric in Coral 6. Seashell plush pillows 6. Michael Miller seahorse fabric in Aqua 7. Beach Baby wall decor

Another trend that has become popular is mermaid and nautical prints. You really can’t go wrong with sweet whales, octopi, seahorses, mermaids, seashells….it is a beach lover’s dream!

PicMonkey Collage - mermaid2
1. Michael Miller Mermaid Mint 2. Dear Stella Into the Reef 3. Birch Fabrics Mermaids Day 4. Michael Miller Mermaid Pink

Navy blue, aqua, white and splashes of orange and red will create the cutest room for your little captain.

Having a girl? Decorate her room in coral, aqua, white, soft pinks, purples and greens.

PicMonkey Collage - ice cream

Art Gallery Fabrics Boardwalk Delight collection: Busy Beach, Sprinkles, I Scream You Scream, Ice Cream Shop

I have a variety of beach and nautical fabrics in my shop in different color palettes perfect for boys or girls. You can view them all here!

No matter what design or theme you choose for your baby’s nursery, it will be a beautiful space where your baby can play, sleep, and grow.

I hope this post leaves you inspired and motivated to try something different and be creative!





Have a great day!





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