Summer Sewing: Travel Pillowcase Tutorial

Tutorial 1

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! I plan on soaking up the sun with my family tomorrow. The kids will swim, the men will grill, and I’m sure Mom and I will be in the kitchen doing the rest!

But today, I whipped up an easy project that’s perfect to take along on vacation this summer – a travel sized pillowcase! You can take it on the plane, in the car, send it with the kids to camp or daycare…its small compact size can be used for just about anything! This project is so easy and takes about an hour to complete, so let’s get started!


First, gather your supplies:

  • Travel pillow insert (14″ X 20″) – purchased from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels
  • Cotton fabric (1 yard is more than enough!) – I used Dear Stella “My Summertime” & can be purchased in my shop here
  • Basic sewing supplies – sewing machine, thread, scissors, ruler, pins
  • Cutting mat & rotary cutter (Optional, but convenient)
  • Iron


Step 1:

Cut your fabric into 2 pieces: 18″ X 30 1/2″ and 10 1/2″ X 30 1/2″


Step 2:

Fold the small piece in half wrong sides together and press with iron.

*At this time, I embroidered a name in the center of the folded piece. This will be the band of the pillowcase.


Step 3:

Place the short piece on top of the large piece with the raw edges lined up on the right side. The 2 pieces should be placed with ‘right sides together’.



Step 4:

Pin the raw edges together on the longest side. This is where the band will be stitched to the main casing.


Step 5:

Sew a straight stitch using a 1/2″ seam allowance removing the pins as you go. Be sure to lock your stitches at the beginning and the end.


Step 6:

Flip the band over and press the seams. Now, you might begin to see the forming of the pillowcase!


Step 7:

Sew a straight top stitch to the left of the band seam with a 1/2″ seam allowance. This is a single stitch sewn on “top” of the fabric. Nothing is actually being sewn together, but this gives it a more finished look. I also used a different color thread to give a little contrast.



Step 8:

Next, fold the fabric in half right sides together lining up the edges. You might have to trim a little of the raw edges, but your band should match up nicely.

Tutorial 2

Step 9:

Pin along the 2 sides with the raw edges as seen in photo above. Sew a single stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance removing the pins as you go. Remember to lock your stitches!!


Step 10:

Turn the pillowcase right side out, carefully poke out corners,  and press with iron. Insert pillow and you are done!




Happy Sewing,



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