Our Story

Welcome to my blog! This is a place where I can share my creative thoughts and ideas in hopes it will inspire you to make something yourself! So, let’s start by introducing myself…

Summer 2017 ~ Destin, Florida

My name is Michelle, and I grew up in a small town in Northeast Louisiana. I met my husband in 2011 through my church and the ministry in which we both now work for full-time. Two of my friends swore they had found the guy for me, and after telling me (and him) this for about two months, we finally “met” online through a Facebook message. After a month of messages and LONG phone calls, (we were in different states at first) we finally met face to face. No doubt, it was a relationship ordained by God. We got married within 5 months of meeting each other, and almost immediately wanted to start a family.

Our beautiful wedding was at our Pastor’s home overlooking a lake – May 12, 2012


In March 2013, our son, Ryder, was born. I never fathomed Christ’s love for me until the day He gave me a son. Through him, mine and Jacob’s love for one another grew even more, and we enjoyed life in a small 900 square foot house we bought as a “fixer upper” over the course of the next 2 years.

Fall 2017 ~ 4 years old

In late 2014, our dreams of building came true when some land came available less than 2 miles from where I was raised! We were so happy to start the building process and quickly worked to clear our lot.

As we were building, God blessed us with another baby. In August 2015, our little girl, Anna Claire, was born just one week after we moved into our new home.

Summer 2017 ~ 2 years old


The Farm Story

Right as we finished building our house, my husband got a call from a family friend asking if he could give our son (2 years old at the time) a cow. Now, one might not think that was anything special, but we had just built our house on the same property that my grandfather lived and raised cattle for over 30 years. We had exchanged ideas on what we would do with the land. We contemplated a Christmas tree farm, pumpkin patch, or raising cows. All of those ideas were just dreams at the time since it would have been a big investment to start any endeavor. We really just had to wait for God’s timing.

And then we got the call…the proposal was the man would give one cow to our son, and we were offered to purchase another. It was a great deal, and we knew this was the start we needed. So, my husband immediately accepted the offer and we brought home two young heifers. A year later when our daughter was born, the same generous man called us and wanted to give our daughter a cow!

After that first year, the man called once again and offered to let us borrow a bull for a few months so our herd could grow. What a blessing this man has been! We were blown away by his generosity. So, within a year all of our heifers had a calf of their own. And that, my friends, was the start of our farm.

My husband grew up on a farm, so he was accustomed to tractors, mowers and fencing, but running a cattle business was all new to him. I was so impressed by his willingness to learn something completely new. He truly has a passion for his cows and loves them. As with any business, we’ve had losses. Tractors break down, a calf is lost, or a Mama cow gets sick and dies. But those unfortunate circumstances motivate him to work harder and remain grateful. On the farm we now have over 40 head of cattle along with chickens and goats. God has been so good to us!

The Fabric Store Story

I’ve always had a creative side. I love to express myself through creativity. As a young girl, I loved arts & crafts, singing & dancing (I took studio dance for 13 years), playing make believe and sewing.

Fast forward to my adult years and after my son was born I really began to embark on a new level of creativity. There’s something about having kids that brings you back to your childhood years and inspiration overwhelms you to make things! When our son was a baby, I had a strong desire to make things for him. I asked my Mom if I could borrow her old sewing machine and I began sewing bibs, burp cloths, bedding, etc. A few months later, I purchased my own sewing machine and later on, an embroidery machine.

I opened an Etsy shop to showcase my creations (I named my shop Ryder’s Creations). To decrease my costs, I began ordering fabric wholesale and soon after, I began to accumulate a huge stash of fabric! It was my husband’s idea to begin selling the fabric retail since I had so much from buying a bolt at a time. At the time, we were living in a small house where I had fabric bolts stashed everywhere!

Life was busy then – working full-time during the day, taking care of a husband and baby in the evenings, and at night I would sew and cut orders on our bedroom floor. It was exhausting at times, but fun to see how my hobby was turning into a business.

After 3 years of sewing for my Etsy shop, I decided to focus my time and energy on growing the fabric business. I began ordering more and more bolts of fabric to increase my inventory. And that was the start of our fabric shop.

Life is still busy – I still work full-time during the day, take care of a husband and now 2 kids in the evenings, and still cut fabric orders at night. My dream, one day, would be to have a storefront of my store on our property. I’m sure at the right time, the Lord will open those doors for us.

We’ve been so blessed the past 6 years! Our family, farm and business has grown so much. All the glory goes to Him for leading us on this adventure!